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WRDSB Parents/Guardians

Please complete the form for each child in our school system. Your email address will be added to your child's contact information in our Student Information System.

To verify more than one child, add their information, choose verify, and when you see the checkmark, enter your next child's data (if any) into the Child Information field and choose verify again.

For multiple children, you can continue with the form submission as long as one child is verified. If any children cannot be verified, please contact your school for assistance.

Information Required

  • Your child's legal or preferred first name and surnames
  • Your child's Ontario Education Number (OEN), found on your child's report card
  • Your child's date of birth
  • Your child's current school
  • Your legal or preferred first and surname, as in our Trillium Student Information System
  • Your relationship to the child

Your email address will be added to our student information system for each child you verify. If we are not able to create an exact match to the information in our student database, we will not be able to import your email address for that child.

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Parent/Guardian Information
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